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We can design, produce, and oversee every stage of the manufacturing cycle thanks to our in-house facility which includes Fabric manufacturing unit, Screen printing unit, Lay cutting and modern sewing machines . Our infrastructure enables us to service all of our clients on schedule while producing big orders, keeping up with the newest trends, and generating unrivaled customer experiences. We have around 5000 Sq.Ft spaced warehouse to make final finishing, quality checking, packaging and storing of goods.

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Based in one of the best textile hubs of India, Coimbatore "Sri Chakra Textiles" is a company that has been producing fabrics for the past 25 years. We have also expanded into a new horizon of designing and producing eco friendly products including Cloth Bags, Jute Bags, Non Owen and Paper Bags intended for people from all walks of life, while keeping re-usability in mind.

We are a well-known manufacturer of Cotton and Jute bags, mostly in India but also exporting to many abroad countries in America, Europe, Australia and Asian continent. With a unique combination of tradition and modernity, we offer a wide array of styles, patterns, colours and sizes which make our bags an ideal accessory for every occasion.

We are skilled in producing stylish collections of bags that are environmentally friendly. Interesting logos and current designs are expertly patterned to give you something which you will treasure for a very long time. We take great care when sourcing all of our materials, and we're proud to have forged connections with some of the best vendors and suppliers.

What makes our bags stand out is the quality of prints, range of colours, their designs and fabric quality. With the last 6 years of experience, dedication and hard work we can make Eye-catching graphics, from classical to modern, are translated onto fabrics by using various printing techniques, ranging from traditional screen printing, block printing to modern digital and sublimation printing.

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