About Us

Sri Chakra Textiles is driven by the purpose of saving the environment and conserving nature and mankind. Based on high corporate ethics, we follow environmental laws and regulations and uphold exceptionally open governance, which prioritizes respect for human rights, wellness and security, social responsibility, and environmental preservation. Then go above and beyond the expectations of the client. Our commitment to quality has been motivated by this.

The company manufactures and supplies a variety of cotton bags, jute bags and eco friendly products domestically all over India and also exports to various abroad countries, for all your customized product packaging.

We take extensive measures to observe market trends, requirements as well as fashion updates to meet the diverse demands of our valued customers. While designing and manufacturing, our team pays the utmost attention to detail, colour palates and quality, resulting in perfectly designed bags.

By protecting nature, we hope to protect the environment and ensure the welfare of both humans and Mother Earth. With 100% natural, reusable, biodegradable cotton and jute, which plays a significant part in improving the environment, we have succeeded in achieving our aim. Our products are exceptional in terms both of aesthetic value and utility.


Sri Chakra Textiles is happy to demonstrate its concern by encouraging the usage of eco-friendly products created out of textiles. We have around 20 modern automatic looms and 50 traditional-based power looms.

We are dedicated to giving the best alternative solution to eliminating single-use plastic bags leading to a clean, green, and better environment. we also manufacture Cotton, Rayon, Roto and polycotton fabrics in widths ranging from 32" to 144" using premium yarns. Depending on the demands of our clients, we can also source a variety of eco-friendly and 100% organic certified fabrics.

We have greatly increased our market recognition as a result of Open communication, a large distribution network, A skilled group of experts, modern equipment and machines for manufacturing, reasonable costs, and product delivery on time.


To eradicate single-use plastic bags and promote a clean, green, and better environment, we are committed to providing the greatest alternative solution. Our bags are offered at competitive prices without sacrificing quality, helping us to stand out from the competition throughout the years.


Our goal is to provide everyone the freedom and understanding to pick the best option to rescue Mother Earth while simultaneously establishing a powerful trend through our responsibly and ethically created items. We achieve this by focusing on a delicate balance between sustainability, functionality, and style.